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Stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your Google Business Profile and get reviews efficiently with Local View’s advanced GBP management platform!
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Edit and sync all of your properties in one place. Stay on top of your Google Business Listing while keeping it up-to-date. Our dashboard is the ultimate tool to manage locations, posts and photos for your GBP Listing, as well as control reviews, and citations with ease. Local View will help you get your local SEO rankings where you want – at #1.

Google Business Profiles Management Platform

Local Inventory Ads

Whether you’re a small startup or a big name business, Local View can easily help showcase your inventory, accessible for any customer searching for your stores or something that you offer.


From multi location posting, spintax support, to automatic post daisy chaining: Local View is the most advanced GMB posting software on the market.


Upload images and media, update location information and protect from malicious edits.


Traditional rank tracking directly integrated into your dashboard with GeoGrid rank tracking running historical archives and live searches.

Get Reviews

Be confident in your marketing campaigns with Local View call tracking and requests for reviews directly through SMS or by E-mail.

Showcase Reviews

Build customer attraction and display only the best reviews with Local View’s Reviews Widget.

Boost Your Local Google Ranking with Local View

Take control of your local online presence with Local View. Our platform goes beyond simple optimization of your Google Business Profile. We offer automated services that streamline the management process, saving you valuable time while ensuring your profile remains up-to-date and engaging. With Local View, you have full control over the entire process, from refining keywords to publishing posts and responding to reviews—all conveniently accessible from one centralized dashboard. Plus, comprehensive reports are readily available, providing you with valuable insights and keeping everything under control for effortless management of your online presence.

Learn more about our GBP management service below or contact us to speak with our experts about how Local View can help you to optimize your Google Profile and attract more customers!

Why Does Google Business Profile Management Matters?

Your Google Business Profile isn’t just a static listing—it’s a powerful tool that can make or break your online presence. As the number one local ranking factor, optimizing your Google Business Profile is crucial for attracting customers from your area. An active and clear profile not only increases visibility but also instills trust and confidence in potential customers. With an optimized profile, you have the opportunity to showcase your business in the best possible light, drawing in more leads and conversions. 

In today’s competitive market, having an active and clear Google Business Profile is essential for staying ahead of the curve and ensuring your business thrives in the digital landscape. With our Google Business Profile (GBP) management service, your profile receives monthly optimization and promotion through custom-created content.

  • Increased Customer Inquiries & Website Visits
  • Enhanced Navigation & In-store Visits
  • Amplified Clientele & Revenue Boost
  • Elevated Online Visibility & Engagement
  • Augmented Local Presence & Trust
  • Improved Conversion Rates & Business Growth

How Our Google Business Management Service Works

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Our GBP Management Tools Features

Introducing our comprehensive Google Business Profile Management service, designed by our experienced team of Digital Marketing and GBP experts specifically for you. Our goal is to simplify the GBP Listing Management process, saving you time and effort while ensuring a seamless experience. With our service, you can efficiently optimize your profile, enhance search visibility, and attract customers swiftly. 

We understand the significance of your online business presentation in instilling confidence in potential customers. That’s why we leverage GBP features to craft a profile tailored to your needs, enhancing local ranking and driving sales. With over a decade of experience, we recognize that each client and project is unique. However, this doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel every time. We’ve developed a proven process that serves as the blueprint for a successful local strategy. Let us help you propel your business to new heights!

Local Rank Tracking for Mobile and Desktop

Local View doesn’t just help with existing progress, but helps monitor and improve on key channels that will put your business in top SERP positions. Our GMB rank tracker and call tracker features a full overview of all your customers and competition. Know exactly where you rank the highest and where you have potential to beat other listings, and get information about how your clients are finding your business.

GBP Post Scheduler

Automate reviews and schedule new google my business posts for all of your locations at once. Local View lets you schedule and automate google my business posts and photos in bulk, on at any time you want. We also help gather reviews from Google, Yellow Pages and more that can be edited to fit your website. All your content, uploaded the way you want, when you want.

Get More Google Reviews

Local View helps you grow your online presence by enabling you to send SMS requests for Google reviews to your customers. With this feature, gathering more reviews and enhancing your business credibility becomes straightforward. Just enter the customer’s name and phone number, and Local View sends an SMS with a direct link to your Google profile, allowing customers to leave a review with ease. This efficient process makes collecting valuable feedback a breeze.

Google Reviews AI Reply

Google Reviews AI Reply is our feature to help businesses efficiently manage and respond to customer reviews left on their Google Business Profiles. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate automated responses to customer reviews, saving businesses time and effort in crafting individual replies. The Reviews AI Reply feature analyzes the content of the review and generates a response that is relevant and personalized.

Benefits of Our Google Business Profile Software

  • Rankings Map Scan – See your rankings for local search and map search, and identify competitors in the area.
  • Request and Respond to Reviews – Save templates, generate with AI, and access your review request history all in one place.
  • Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Messages – Create SMS campaigns effortlessly.
  • Fight Spam Listings – Easily check and report fake locations and reviews to spot and fight unfair competition.
  • Posts – Generate and manage GBP posts with AI tools for images and text.
  • Upload and Schedule GBP Images and Videos.
  • Upload and Save Contacts.
  • Create Email Campaigns.
  • Add Citations Reports.
  • Add FAQs.
  • And more!

We handle everything, from routine updates to unexpected closures and Google suggested edits.

Review Management

No hidden fees. Cancel Anytime.
$ 1 Monthly
  • Reply to Google Reviews Automatically
  • Keep track of your reviews
  • Easy-to-use AI powered tool

GBP Management Monthly

No hidden fees. Cancel Anytime.
$ 250 Monthly
  • Reply to Google Reviews Automatically
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ongoing Online and Phone Support
  • Customizable Options

GBP Management Annual

No hidden fees. Cancel Anytime.
$ 1000 Monthly
  • Full access to our advanced GBP management platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ongoing Online and Phone Support
  • Customizable Options

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