Record-Keeping Citations Tracker For Your Multi-Businesses

Discover New Opportunities, Without the Extra Work
Manage, monitor, set up, and compare citations instantly and find the best opportunities for your business. Be confident and proactive with your company’s online presence – not just for your GMB profile and listing. Local View’s Citation Tracker is the perfect record-keeping tool to rank higher locally and get verified

Citations Include:

Here’s How It Works

The internet opens up a lot of possibilities for your business to grow and flourish. But problems can happen when you can’t find listings that are good for your business and those that could be giving false information. Local View’s Citation Tracker identifies sources that relevant search engines will actually use. The dashboard simultaneously allows you to view and quickly click actions on any and all your citations. It’s the tool that every business involved in their local SEO strategy should take advantage of.

Features and Benefits

Verify Existing Entries

Manual entries will require you to do the digging but with Local View, you’ll have exact results of your information plus how it differs from one citation to another - all in one place. We don’t just scan and select specific sites, we identify ALL mentions of your business, including third-party pages or references, and display its amount. Our system scours the web with your business in directories, blogs, social platforms, government sites, newspapers, etc. Local View submits a full report and breakdown of where and how your business data is being used, as well as which are active, missing, and pending. Know exactly where your business is and what it looks like, online.

Pinpoint Duplicates and Missing Citations

Don’t ever miss a chance to get your business seen on powerful platforms you’re not already on. We provide a comprehensive list of your top citations and how you can improve. Local View highlights missed opportunities and discrepancies with your NAPs (Name, Address, and Phone number). You can prioritize which sites to be fixed first. In addition, Local View locates destructive duplicates with fast action options to stop, delete, or merge. Easily eliminate misinformation that is critical for SEO results.

Competitive Advantage

Local View gives you access to an analysis of your competitor’s citations. We take SEO citations from other businesses in your category and identify which local or niche citations to work on and pursue. Gain valuable competitive knowledge to boost your traffic and rank performance.

Monitor Progress

Multi-manage all your citations onto one conveniently designed dashboard. Local View’s citation tracker not only filters your citations and includes all live sites, but sorts pending citations and sends alerts when live. Receive a complete overview of your growth both weekly and monthly. We breakdown your top active, pending, and competing citations with the latest NAP status. Design new campaigns accessible with our suggested sites to quickly input your information. Add icons, side notes, and highlights for personalized citation management.

Why Do Local Citations Matter?

Positively or negatively impacts

  • Customers
  • SEO rankings

Just managing the information on your GMB listing is not enough to fight inaccuracies from unknown sources. Any mention of your business NAP on a website page should always be accurate and all remain the same. While helping potential clients find your business through online searches, it helps search engines identify legitimate business and promote your company’s exposure. Google verifies and confirms businesses, so it’s important to stay consistent in all of your citation listings. Even the smallest mistakes will make or break your rankings. Accurate citations allow for more discovery, traffic, and increase transactions. Inaccuracies, on the other hand, will be misleading, cause clients to question your company’s legitimacy, and deter potential customers from visiting.