For localview Listings

Google finally cracked the code for Social Media with localview posts, allowing businesses to connect directly with their consumers right from the Google Maps page.

Schedule out dynamic location-based posts on a global scale. Easily create and schedule all localview post types and publish to thousands of locations with a single click. Yes, even franchise locations.

How It Works

Trying to manually schedule one post to multiple locations each week? You’re going to love the dba post tool. Schedule and publish your weekly posts to multiple listings at once. Bonus: Track using unique UTM codes

Features and Benefits

Save Precious Man Hours

Save time and stop abusing your copy+paste keys. Create and schedule content for an entire quarter in just a single afternoon.

Multi-Location Posting

When you go to schedule a post, select from the list of locations you want to receive your content. Easily post to thousands of locations across the globe with a single click.

Dynamic UTM Builder

Select from the full list of CTA buttons available in localview and automatically generate location-specific UTM codes for Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Built-In Photo Cropper

Quickly crop and preview photos before publishing to localview.

Local SEO Professional Checklist

Updated for 2020

Download the 2-page Optimizer Checklist jam-packed with more than 30 optimization tasks to ensure you’re doing everything possible to beat the competition and improve your localview listing. Our gift to you, this is the same list our Pro Services team uses to get fast results.

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