Photo Optimizer and Publisher

Searchers prefer visual content and Google awards better rankings to listings that feature fresh curated photo content. Now you can manage your entire catalog of photos across all of your local view listings from a single dashboard.

How It Works

If you have multiple listings and want to schedule photos consistently, you’ll love the Local View Platform photo tool. Schedule your photo uploads; spend a few minutes uploading by batch and you’re good to go for months. The more locations you manage, the more time savings you’ll experience.

Bonus: Geotags are appended AUTOMATICALLY to every photo. The EXIF editor allows you to edit metadata with keywords to better optimize photos for SEO.

Features and Benefits

Schedule Photos

Never miss a weekly photo upload again with the photo scheduler from Local View Platform. Schedule photos to publish any day of the week in over 38 different time zones.

Edit Photo EXIF Data

The Photo Optimizer adds keyword and relevant data to over 20 EXIF fields to increase your visibility in search results.

Automatic Geo-Tagging

The photo tool automatically pulls in location data from your localview profile and attaches it to your photo metadata.

Multi-location Publishing

No more manually signing into each local view profile to manage photos! Whether you have 1 location or 10,000, upload and publish photos with a single click.

Local SEO Professional Checklist

Updated for 2020

Download the 2-page Optimizer Checklist jam-packed with more than 30 optimization tasks to ensure you’re doing everything possible to beat the competition and improve your local view listing. Our gift to you, this is the same list our Pro Services team uses to get fast results.