GMB Photos Management

Be Seen, Rank Higher

GMB photos help update your business and signal to Google that your business is engageable for customers. Schedule authenticated and data-enhanced photos without the trouble of third-party applications. In addition, Local View can schedule uploads of new photos automatically.

Here's How It Works

When clients search for a company or business, they will spend more time on a profile with more visual offerings than those without. Local View GMB Photos optimizes picture uploads for your multi- businesses all at once. Secure EXIF Data and Geo-Tagging for optimized rank performance included. Legitimize and gain a new searcher’s interest from the jump.

Features and Benefits

Automate Photos

Set and schedule months worth of photos to your businesses with ease. Local View offers auto-publishing to unlimited GMB profiles so your business profile can stay fresh! Don’t bear the load of manual posting and upload freely at any time in over 38 time zones.

Batch Publishing

Post the latest pictures of each of your locations with our GMB Photo tool in just minutes. Stay consistent with built-in EXIF data for your GMB Listings and let Local View control whatever amount of photos your business calls for all at once. In addition, easily delete photos of multiple listings just as fast as they are uploaded.

Unlimited GMB Profile Uploads

There is no limit to the number of businesses Local View can manage. Keep your businesses organized and current with our folder organization tool which sorts interior photos, employees, branding, and more. From single owned to multi-international businesses, Local View lets you update them all with just one click

Intuitive Geo-Tagging

Since Google removed the geo-tag feature on the GMB dashboard, businesses must manually enter keywords and geo-tags through third-party sites that are deleted at first upload. Local View can solve this by using the location data on your GMB profile and attaching it to your photo’s metadata for permanent image optimization. Latitude and longitude coordinates will be embedded and editable for all your photos with automatic Geo-Tags.

EXIF Data Authentication

Local View automates your photo’s EXIF Data every. Single. Time. EXIF data is your photo’s metadata that stores the date, location, description, keywords, and more. With Local View, this information is organized and sent through Google’s API in order for Google’s system to understand the image. Customize your information easily with our full set of configurations which lets Google know about your offers and where your business is located. Once you are done modifying your data, Local View secures your photo information to ensure image SEO for all of your GMB profiles.

In addition, your business will:

Enhance customer relationships

Potential customers will want to see your business before they purchase or visit. The Local View photo tool will help traffic and raise your ranks in return.

Increase SEO

The future of SEO and your rankings lie within images. It helps your customers find your information.

Save time

Local View includes a batch upload feature to ease the stress of manual uploading to several GMB profiles

Why Photos Improve Your Rankings

According to Google, photos of your products, services, and space on your GMB listing will allow customers to visually understand the story of your business and let them know you have what they’re looking for. Compared to listings that don’t include any photos or photo posts, businesses that use GMB photos had quadruple the increase in map searches, triple the increase in photo views, and twice the amount of search and discovery impressions from the previous year without it. This is a way to gain trust from your potential customers while providing insight into your business’ atmosphere.


While Local View has no limit to the amount of Google My Business Profiles to upload photos, you may hit Google’s maximum amount at once, depending on the post volume.
The Metadata built-in through Local View will allow you to explore your image’s potential while allowing you to tailor its information to stay relevant to your local business SEO. Image SEO’s main purpose is to get Search Engines to read and understand your photos, so getting the most out of your EXIF data and IPTC is highly recommended.
There is, unfortunately, no option to move or rearrange your photos in your GMB profile. This can be incredibly frustrating if you want to have a certain photo appear at the very front of your listing. However, if you understand Google’s metric and use Local View to edit your photo’s EXIF data, then it is possible to change the order of your files. To do this, Local View’s EXIF Data editor will allow you to manipulate the “Create Date” on your file. It will also automatically update that “Create Date” when the photo is uploaded on the GMB listing. This way, the latest photo – no matter the date or time it was taken – will be the first photo to appear on your business.
Yes. Google analyzes the metadata once an upload from a user occurs, and strips this once a user is downloading it. Just like other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, if the data is not optimized, they won’t get any traffic.