Schedule GMB Posts For All Of Your Locations

Keep In-touch With Your Customers
Manage engagement through bulk posting and automated GMB posts. Reach out to more than just your social media followers. And do it all with Local View.

Here's How It Works

Local View keeps your business constantly updated for potential clients on your Google Listing. Create lasting interaction with any of your Google Local Map searches.

Your listing will gain a competitive advantage with increased interaction with our timesaving schedule posts feature. In comparison to regular GMB profiles, you won’t have to manually update every listing under your company. Businesses who use GMB posts even rank 2x higher on Map views and Discovery impressions than they did without it a year prior.

Features and Benefits

Up-to-Date Content

We keep your feed running constantly. We offer 3 main GMB Post types: standard, event, and promotional. Standard posts will communicate general information including FAQs, product information, and any updates to your business operations. Event posts notify customers of future events and promotional posts specialize in commercial offers. You can also include anything from consultations to flash sales in your GMB Posts. Have potential clients know exactly what you offer right at the initial search.

Multi-Location Manager

On a regular Google My Business account, you don’t have the option to post on all accounts at once. With Local View, you can combine all your Google My Business accounts across multiple locations and track exposure on our user-friendly dashboard. We let you choose when and where to post for thousands of locations globally. Be selective or stay consistent and display the same content over all your properties.

UTM Codes Builder

UTM codes help you track how much traffic your post is getting and where it’s coming from. Local View offers a full selection of Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons that will generate links that are location specific for Google or Adobe Analytics to organize your traffic.

Bulk Posting

No need to sign up for a new social media account and the stress of manual posting that comes with it. Local View lets you curate and schedule numerous posts all at the same time. There’s no limit to the number of posts scheduled and uploaded.

Automatic and Timesaving

Is there a way to run your business flawlessly online as you do offline? Find out with Local View’s scheduled post feature that will allow your business to stay current and consistent. Local View allows any of your listings to have automated posts - something the GMB dashboard doesn’t include. Schedule multiple posts for multiple locations. Save on time and effort to post for each individual profile.

Easy Photo Editing

Local View customizes, designs, and easily adds captions to your posts. You can quickly crop and preview your photos before they go live. If you’re on-the-go, Local View is also editable on phone, tablet, and desktop devices. There are also options to share your content on your business’s connected social media accounts or through email or text as a link.

In addition, your business will:

Stay organized

Keep tabs on all your locations. Have all your posts in one place.

Keep customers in the loop

Never let a new customer miss an update. Local View allows your business to post as often as possible.

Increase buying and promotions

GMB posts are able to create clickable ‘offers’ within a specific time frame and increase new products exposure.

Why You Should Automate your GMB Posts

Instead of manually posting weekly, let Local View manage and distribute your content regularly without the inconvenience. Scheduled posts deliver your content, new products, website deals, and news in real-time, to wow potential clients from the first click. Continuous streaming helps increase interaction with your business, and most importantly, raise your listing’s ranking. Let your clients see the possibilities of your business straight from their Google Search.


Local View GMB posts work in addition to your reviews, photos, and products that directly appear on your Google Listing. They are a small part of your overall listings’ performance but are vital in keeping engagement up. Google tracks how long your interactions are with your business, and then determines whether or not to rank higher (not including Google Ads).

Posts will provide clients – new through organic search or recurring – to view your business profile upfront, without having to click on various links or social media apps they may not have created an account to follow or see it through. However, GMB posts do increase traffic on your website clicks, phone calls, and connected accounts. It’s a constantly uploaded message board for your business that looks professional and reliable to new clients. GMB posts alone cannot just improve your local rank, other features Local View offers, such as GMB photos, Reviews, and GMB tracking, will help place your business at the top.

GMB dashboards do not have a feature to automatically repost previous content. Local View’s automated post scheduler will do this for you.
The limit to a GMB post is 1500 characters. Ideally, we recommend posts to be around 100 to 300 characters. Your clients will be scrolling through quickly, less is truly more. In addition, Local View includes backlinks to your website for offers and appropriate hashtagging.
The minimum size for a photo on Google posts is 400 pixels by 300 pixels tall. GMB posts accept PNGs or JPGs formats.
Your posts will be visible for 7 days. After they disappear, Local View will include all your past posts to be viewed in your history.
There is no one type of post that will be the most beneficial, as promotion for different businesses will vary. Since this feature is unlike the permanent uploads of Facebook and Instagram for example, posts will act more like live announcements and will constantly have to be replenished to let customers know your business is up to speed. In short, any less than a post a week will drop engagement, but a couple each day will be too much and possibly muddle your CTA outreach.