Accurately and Visibly Track Your Listings

See Where You Rank in Any Given Area
Run scans and advance your positions on Google Maps and Google Search results for your business listings. Our GeoGrid tracking is designed to help your business gain visibility and rank #1.

Features and Benefits

Compare with Competitors

Local View gives you real-time results of you and your competitors to help you pinpoint areas of more or less traffic potential. With this insight, you’ll strengthen your local SEO strategy and view profiles of other top listings. See who ranks above you and how you can get to the #1 spot.

Manage Your Progress

Look at specific dates and times of your scans for each area. Have access to your complete scan history and specific distance intervals while watching your growth over time. Our system is report-friendly and lets you download your maps as PDFs to quickly send appealing reports to your clients.

Customizable Grids Distances

All rankings are localized, all standings will be within any configurable distance from each other in any country. Our GeoGrid is available for thousands of locations globally. Manage your multi-businesses over customized grid distances and track your progress. Choose from 2km to 50km or a 5 by 5 grid plan to gain exposure for both your local and international business strategies. You can justify your grid centre to seamlessly move in your desired area and access your rankings based on your centre.

Easy to View

Local View provides a colour-coordinated and interactive system that easily lets you monitor your results. Each node can be clicked to view your rank and all the information of your competitors. The simple design lets you see your most important rankings in a single view. You can modify specific locations and access their results without searching there yourself.

Our Geogrid Tracking Technology

We use geospatial data in combination with your Google Search listings to easily check your ranking across specified coordinates within proximity to one another. You’ll be able to see how well your business ranks for any given location, while also giving access to how you stand amongst competitors. This information is where your business shows up on the Google Maps listings when organically searched through the Google engine or through a local search finder (ie. Google Maps). 

The GeoGrid collects ranking data from both Google Places API and Service Area Business results (that includes businesses who do not hide their address) to give an overall view of your GMB ranking. The numbers show your place within the particular area, while the colours are represented on a scale from lowest to highest, visually and collectively displaying your lowest and highest areas.

Change Your Listings Game.

When potential clients search your business organically on Google or Google Maps, know where you stand and how you can rank higher. Listings on Google are often overlooked, but are one of the best ways to localize your business and consistently gain traffic. We are constantly perfecting our system to provide the most accurate and live results for your business. Become the top result on Google in your area, or wherever you choose. With our GMB rankings technology, have ultimate flexibility and complete control of your businesses in a single click.