Get Google Reviews

For Google My Business Listings

Find out how simple it is to collect reviews and impress new clients. Local View will provide a Review Acquisition Strategy that’s a powerful tool for both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce businesses. Expand your potential for SEO, PPC, and Google Listings with Reviews Automation.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 Manage and Edit Customer Profile

Input the customer name, phone number, email, and your personalized message that will send instantly. Schedule send according to your preference.

Step 2 Send a Request

Your follow-up request can be sent via SMS text message and Email, with a link to review your business.

Step 3 Build Your Review Rank

Input the customer name, phone number, email, and your personalized message that will send instantly. Schedule send according to your preference.

Features and Benefits

Almost 90% of businesses have less than 5 reviews on the most online review sites, like Google or Facebook. Why not collect reviews if they mean higher customer interaction and listing ranking? Well, it’s almost impossible to track down each customer and send individual requests.

Cut down on the stress and enhance your customer feedback with Reviews Automation by Local View.

Never miss an opportunity to grow your ranking and customer relationships! Spark up conversations about your business – from small to international. Improve your visibility with increased customer responses and increased online traffic. Build your business’s reputation while addressing customer concerns.

Automatic Follow-Up

Local View offers a uniquely designed review system that does hard online searching for you. Busy businesses don’t have the time to track down every past customer for a review or look for all online feedback manually. So, we decided to automate it. All you need to do is provide the customer information and we handle the rest. No matter who has visited your business, you can easily send a request to customers that might not have been inclined to leave a review. Happy customers will help get the word out, on Google and all other key review sites. In addition, our automatic replies give the customer the option to opt-out, so they’re not forced to submit if they’re not comfortable.

Multi-Location Manager

Whether you are a multi-international company or a business with a few locations, we take care of all reviews coming and going. Local View’s Reviews Automation is fully compatible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices for business under several different areas. We create consistency with your multiple business profiles, all under one master admin account. Your customer will not be bombarded with several links to your different business sites. Get 5-star-reviews for any of your locations without having to go through the process of various review collections.

Dashboard Tools

See your progression, growth, or spikes with your online and offline presence from our review agent. Local View reviews automation displays tracking and statistics of the total number of reviews you are receiving. Get valuable insights on the days with the most traffic and know exactly when to schedule the feedback. Measure your performance, upload your contacts and see a live following of your collected reviews.

Review Feedback For Sharing

Reach out to unhappy customers and manage their response BEFORE it gets posted. As little as one negative review can deter the most important customers from visiting your business. Customers will be prompted to rate your business on a scale. Lower number ratings will be sent a response form that allows them to post their comments and concerns, but will go directly to you. This does not block every negative review, but allows for better tracking of negative responses and slows down the amount of negative posts which would appear if they did not go through the Local View process.

In addition, your business will:

Increase customer awareness

Have all your business and posts in one place

Get instant feedback

Automatic send and replies with just one click can go straight to the review site of your choosing

Display selective responses

Local View gives an unhappy customer a chance to write a suggestion through a form that will be sent to you before they publish a negative review on Google

Why Reviews Are Important for Your Business

90% of customers read a business’ online reviews before visiting and 88% of people rely on online reviews just as much as word of mouth. However, customers who received poor service are more likely to write a negative review than someone who’s received a generally positive experience.

Local View’s Reviews Automation system gets to as many customers as they can to build your business’ exposure. Exceedingly bad experiences are as likely as exceedingly positive ones to get a written review, so it’s better to reach out to as many customers as possible to collect those responses from your most satisfied clients.


As the business owner, you can decide which platforms you want your reviews to be seen from. Our main partner is Google, as they are the world’s top search engine; with the more reviews you receive, the higher your position will appear on the GMB listings and “Map Pack” page. You can also choose from hundreds of other review sites, like Facebook, Yelp or YellowPages. Posts will provide clients – new through organic search or recurring – to view your business profile upfront, without having to click on various links or social media apps they may not have created an account to follow or see it through. However, GMB posts do increase traffic on your website clicks, phone calls, and connected accounts. It’s a constantly uploaded message board for your business that looks professional and reliable to new clients. GMB posts alone cannot just improve your local rank, other features Local View offers, such as GMB photos, Reviews, and GMB tracking, will help place your business at the top.
Reviews are the responses and rates from a customer that has used your service or purchased your product, that appear on popular review sites.
One of the benefits of Google Reviews is that they cannot be manipulated or edited in any way, which is why customers rely on them to determine whether or not they will visit your company. Not only do they increase brand trust and loyalty, but they increase local SEO through review quantity, velocity and diversity, create a positive feedback loop, and improve click-rate to your business’ website. Google reviews cost absolutely nothing, yet can put small businesses on par with well established ones through increased local SEO. Google reviews have a huge impact on search results, as about 9% of the entire Google Algorithm is driven by any and all review signals. The more reviews you receive, the higher the traffic and the higher up Google places your listing.