Easily Measure Customer Engagement with Call Tracking

Go Beyond the Scope of Collecting Caller Data
Let Local View’s Call Tracking software help you measure the success of your marketing efforts through our intuitive and easy-to-use features. Knowing which campaigns are working the best can be difficult to identify, especially if there are a multitude of them. Our call tracking services go beyond the scope of collecting caller data. We also find the source that led your callers to call in using personalized phone numbers.

Here’s How It Works

When marketing your business, it’s important to hit all channels in order to reach as many customers as possible. Let Local View’s Call Tracking software organize caller data and other important stats so you can assure that your marketing strategies are working. Call tracking is when a business is able to identify which advertising or marketing campaign attracted a caller. Custom phone numbers are assigned to each marketing channel (TV, online, or print) so we can locate the source of the call.

Features and Benefits

“How did you hear about us?” is a phrase often used when businesses are trying to keep tabs on what drew customers in. Callers reach out to you for a few different reasons. Sometimes it’s to inquire about services, special promotions, locations/hours or to close a sale. 

Using our features you can easily categorize the reason for each call which will give you useful insight when measuring marketing and/or sales metrics. 

At Local View, we want to make sure you feel confident that the different marketing and ad campaigns you’ve implemented for your business are worth it. We can help boost your marketing return on investment (or ROI) by giving you the insight to measure the success of all of these campaigns. In addition to tracking numerical data, we want to make sure that you as a business understand who your customers are. We have built-in features that help us do so.

Personalized Input Codes

Using personalized input codes for each of your marketing campaigns, Local View can identify exactly which campaign led to the call. We understand that marketing campaigns are both online and offline, which is why we’ll place-unique input codes on all of your marketing channels so you can measure the success of each campaign. On your Local View dashboard, you will find an organized list of all of the unique phone numbers associated with each ad, as well as their analytics. When setting up your input codes, you have the ability to choose where these calls are going to be forwarded. You have the choice of directed calls to either your main business or secondary lines.

Local Numbers

Wherever you’re located, we’ll have local phone numbers ready for your business. Setting up a Local Number is how you’ll be able to track where your calls are coming from. Each phone number will appear on your online dashboard once you’ve purchased them. Local tracking phone numbers are so your customers know where your business is located.

Google Listings Integration

We aim to optimize Google My Business as much as possible. You can assign a call tracking number to your listings so you can lower your chances of receiving spam or telemarketing calls. With your Google My Business profile, Google already provides you with an Insights Report which only tracks the click-to-call feature on mobile devices. Local View expands on this feature but tracking desktop calls and also giving you all of the benefits outlined on this page. Think of it as an additional call stream that would have otherwise been neglected.

Call Attribution

When marketing your business online, it can be a bit of a challenge to understand if your strategies are working. Social media or website ads may direct your customers to your website but how will you know what drove them to call you? This is where call attribution comes in. In simple terms, call attribution links your caller to the specific ad that influenced them to call you. Our call tracking software also offers Last Point Attribution which gives credit for the sale or conversion to the last touchpoint a customer met.

Caller ID Data

Finding out where your audience is from is crucial to creating appropriate marketing campaigns. We will create brief caller profiles of all callers so you can understand your demographic and see if there is a niche market that you’re not quite hitting yet. What this information will allow you to do is to recognize whether or not your business is hitting your planned target market or if there is a secondary audience interested in your business.

Call Recording

There are a variety of benefits to this feature. With call recording, you’ll be able to playback any incoming calls to track repeating behaviors of a successful sales call. This will hugely impact your customer service by tailoring unique feedback to team members so you can curate best practices for training your sales and customer experience staff.

Caller Timeline

Categorizing and taking notes of returning callers creates multiple opportunities that your business can optimize from. Some of the reasons why caller timelines are useful are so you can make notes of the previous interactions your staff has had with this specific caller so you can cater to future calls accordingly.


Yes! Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you’ve implemented some sort of marketing strategy. If that’s the case, then you’re a perfect candidate for call tracking. Getting to know your customers and the types of conversations you’re having with them is an integral part of your business’ growth from staff training to customer experience and sales. Call tracking can also save you money on future marketing campaigns using the data collected from input codes.

Insight is one of the key attributes that lay the foundation for any business. You’re probably tracking a handful of insights for your business from sales to customer engagement. Call tracking is an additional tool that will change the data of the different insights you’re already tracking. At Local View, we understand that your business allocates a substantial amount of funding for marketing and we want to make sure that these strategies are measurable so you know if your ROI is worth it.