Reviews Widget

Collect, Filter and Display Online Reviews on Your Website

Display customer reviews from a selection of platforms and publish them directly on your website. Local View’s easy-to-use Reviews Widget allows you to collect multiple reviews from different sites and displays them all on one page of your website. Target the 97% of people who rely on online reviews for local business and increase customer loyalty and revenue.

Display Reviews

Proudly publish reviews from Google, Facebook and more using Local View’s customizable reviews widget. Choose from a variety of display and layout options that best fit your website’s design.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: Connect Your Reviews

Connect reviews from multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp and more straight to your dashboard.

Step 2: Select Your Favourite Reviews

You have full control over the reviews you’re most proud to share on your website in the “Widget Setting” of your dashboard.

Step 3: Design and Preview

You can change the appearance of the items on the review widget using our various design options. In addition to the colours of the features on your review widget, you can also choose how you want them displayed! Choose from grid, list or slide layouts. Preview your design before publishing but once you’re ready, simply copy and paste the code snippet into your website where you wish your reviews to show up.

Collect Reviews

Collecting reviews for your business is a guaranteed way to attract new customers and increase customer retention. If past customers have published reviews on different sites, you don’t have to worry about collecting them manually. Using Local View’s review collection services will assure that no reviews are missed by linking leading review platforms to your widget. In addition to this, Local View has integrated review automation so clients are able to send a quick and friendly review request to customers after they’ve received their services. This takes the pressure off of remembering to ask customers to leave a review so you’ll never have to worry about asking them yourself.
Visit Reviews Automation for more info on how to request reviews from your customers.

Manage Reviews

Local View allows you to manage the kinds of reviews you want published on the review widget. Sifting through and selecting positive reviews one by one is tedious and extremely time consuming. Using the review widget, you can manage and organize all of your reviews with ease. Once you’ve connected the widget to different review platforms, Local View allows you to select filter options that will leave out reviews you don’t want to publish. 

Local View allows you to manage the reviews that you want published on the review widget. Click through filter options in the Widget Setting dashboard to select the minimum rating you want the reviews to have and we will filter out what’s left behind. Local View offers businesses to display up to 5 latest reviews for free but you can also add more reviews to display.

Features and Benefits


Local View’s customizable reviews widget allows you to decide how you want the reviews to look. You can select how many reviews to publish and their layout. There is a selection of layouts to choose from so that the widget fits in seamlessly with the rest of your site.

Become the Designer

Our Reviews Page Designer puts you in the designer’s seat. In our review widget dashboard, you can edit the appearance of your widget from the colour of the fonts to the star rating.

Filter Ratings

Highlight the reviews you love and hide the ones you don’t. You can also choose from a selection of websites that you want to collect reviews from and display the selected few on your website.

No Coding Required

We have optimized our system to create a code snippet just for you — fully embedded with your design choices too. Simply copy your unique code snippet and paste it into your website where you wish your reviews to show up.

Automatic Review Updates

Rest assured that you will always have the latest reviews ready for your widget! We will automatically add new reviews as soon as they are posted on other websites.


A review widget displays reviews from multiple platforms on the site that’s going to teach them the most about your business — your website. Research shows that 85% of consumers trust online reviews for local businesses. The average stars customers see beside a company’s name are enough to win them over or turn them away.

Our clients have access to their stats from different categories right in their dashboard. Date on discovery impressions, direct impressions, photo views, listing views and more stored in the back office and we send out reports on a weekly and monthly basis.