20 Ways How To Get More Google Reviews and Customers

Google is the world’s top search engine, where reviews play a key role in attracting new customers. As potential patrons evaluate new places to visit, they consider proximity, cost, and, importantly, others’ experiences. Since you can’t change your location or everyone’s price expectations, gathering Google reviews becomes a strategic move. 

They offer a glimpse into what it’s like to engage with your business, with 88% of people trusting these reviews as much as personal recommendations. Plus, star ratings provide a quick business overview, with those scoring above 4.15 experiencing a 60% increase in business, showcasing the powerful impact of positive reviews.

The Benefits Of More Google Business Reviews

Gaining Google reviews might seem straightforward, but the ripple effect on your business is substantial and lasting. Encouraging more customers to leave a review on Google should be a core aspect of your local marketing efforts. Here’s why you should get more google business review:

Boost in Leads: An impressive 88% of consumers give online reviews the same weight as personal recommendations. A higher volume of reviews increases the chances that someone discovering your business via Google will decide to engage with it.

Increase in Sales: Before finalizing a purchase, consumers typically sift through at least 10 reviews, seeking assurance in their choice. Accumulating more Google reviews enhances the probability of these deliberations translating into actual sales.

Enhanced Visibility: Google favors businesses that consistently receive new and positive reviews by ranking them higher in search results. Google has acknowledged the significance of reviews as a critical factor in local SEO performance.

Strengthened Trust: A robust collection of Google reviews serves as a testament to your business’s credibility and reliability. This digital word-of-mouth builds a stronger trust foundation with potential customers even before they interact with your business.

Improved Customer Insights: Beyond boosting leads and sales, Google reviews offer invaluable feedback directly from your customer base. This feedback can highlight what you’re doing well and areas needing improvement, allowing you to refine your offerings and customer service.

How Can You Get More Reviews?

You may be a company just starting out or with a lot of experience but to be competitive you need to have reviews. The more reviews you have the more balanced your star rating will become. So not only will the more negative reviews be a low priority but people will see that the business is customer-focused. 40% of people say that reading one to three reviews helps them decide whether they want to use this business. So how can you increase your reviews?

  1. Ask in person
  2. When else are you going to be able to meet the customer? Getting reviews from them when they are at your business keeps their thoughts fresh in their mind than if they posted a few days later. Strategize the right time to ask them though. It should be after the transaction when they have the products and can review the services of your employees. It also gives employees an incentive to work hard and be friendly as well if they know they are being reviewed. So not only will you gain more feedback but a better working environment as well. 

  3. Follow up with emails
  4. Emails are the most used platform by any age groups so we want to make sure that the business is utilizing it properly. Having a simple written question in the emails asking for reviews can help get more people to complete the task. This makes the links easy to find and since they are already online they are more likely to comply with the request. With the number of emails sent to promote your business, it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate reviews into the marketing strategy. 

  5. Reply to reviews 
  6. 26% of customers say that replies to their reviews matter. When a business takes the time to respond it shows that they are taking the complaints seriously. If people think their opinions matter then they are more likely to choose the business that shows it cares. More people will also leave reviews if they know that people are actually reading them and action is being taken to fix any problem that may have occurred. So if you want more reviews, show that you care about the ones already being given

  7. Find where customers are getting feedback from
  8. There are many websites people can use to leave reviews, Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, etc. So as a business what you need to figure out is where your target customers are getting their information from. If most of the people who use your business tried it because of YellowPages then get your customers to review using that site. You don’t want to work hard but work smart. 

  9. Have review links everywhere 
  10. If you want people to leave reviews you have to make sure that it is easy to do. Make sure that they can review your business anywhere from your website to social media pages. Having easy to find links to review sites will make it a quicker choice for the customer. You also have to make sure that they can leave reviews using any device whether it’s a laptop or phone. Since people use a lot of devices this is a good practice anywhere to make sure that there are no problems with the platforms you use. 

  11. Share positive reviews
  12. People are influenced by reviews so tip the balance in your favor. Leaving positive reviews for your customers to see on social media or websites makes it stick in their mind. Those reviews are the first thing customers will think about when they look through your business. Besides people like to know they’re being noticed so sharing positive reviews means that more people will be likely to do the same. Since people are more likely to believe other people raving about your business this is free advertising. 73% of people trust businesses with positive reviews more so make your business one they can trust. 

  13. Have discounts 
  14. Everyone loves getting discounts and people are more willing to try a business if they think they’re getting a bargain. With more incentives comes greater sales of the product. If people are frequenting your business more then there is a higher chance that they’ll leave a review. After all, you can always send your customers emails to remind them to leave a review. When people get things at a lower price they’re happier so they will write more positive things about your business than if they would have at a regular price. 

  15. Focus on negative reviews
  16. It’s unavoidable that you’ll be receiving some bad reviews. But how a business deals with it can change how potential customers see you. The main point of reviews is getting feedback on your business, the services, the product etc. So you have to take advantage of all the info given even if you may not like what is being said. Check first of all to see if the review has any merit. What issues does the customer have with the business? Once you’re aware of the problem are you able to fix it? This is an important step if there is nothing done in response to the review then similar reviews may be left by other people bringing your rating down. If the business responds that they have fixed the issue and apologies for the inconvenience then people may change the review to account for the additional service. 

  17. Target happy customers
  18. If you know that your customer was satisfied with their experience, ask them to review your business. It is very easy to leave a review and as long as they have the time they would be more than willing to consider it. Customers won’t think of leaving a review when they are happy so it is your job to remind them. Of course, this doesn’t mean being pushy as it may leave a negative impression on the customer but a gentle reminder is more than enough. With more positive reviews your business ratings go up as well. 

  19. Step by Step instructions on how to write a review 
  20. People may be wary of leaving a review because they don’t want to waste time. If you show that it’s not only easy but convenient to write a review then people are more likely to try. Having simple bullet point instructions can be a great way to get people to think about leaving reviews.  

  21. Claim your business 
  22. When people search up your business we want it to be easy to find. Having your company found in many different sites enforces that fact that the company is social forward. We always recommend having your business profiles set up for popular review sites. This way your customers find it easier to leave reviews and they’d be more likely to remember as well. This also gives you a wider target of potential customers.

  23. Choose the best time to ask for reviews
  24. Timing matters and you want to get the best reviews whenever you can. So when should you ask to get reviews? When people show that they’re happy with the product or service. If your customers show an interest in the businesses social media or if they have referred another customer to you. These are all good signs that the customer is happy with the product and would more likely try to help the business. 

  25. Make sure review sites are easy to find 
  26. If you’re using Facebook to ask for a review make sure the survey is on that platform. It makes it easier for customers to leave a review when they don’t have to be redirected to different sites to have their opinions known. If that is unavoidable make sure that the switch is simple. Having the links close by and easy to find gives a better chance of people leaving reviews. Also making sure that you’re already in popular review sites means that the customers don’t have to jump through hoops to give feedback. 

  27. Gauge customer reaction
  28. You want to try getting as many positive reviews as possible and making sure that people are in the right mindset to leave a review is important. Try asking a simple question on their view of the business. If they indicate it to be positive then ask for a customer review. This gets your business higher ratings and better reviews. It can also help you avoid people with negative impressions. 

  29. Host Events 
  30. The people who come to your business event have already taken the extra consideration because they like your products. Capitalize on this and get their reviews. They are more likely to help your business because they’ve taken the time to be here. It also gets the business loyal customers in the long run to host events as it fosters a sense of community meeting like minded people. 

  31. Surveys 
  32. Some people like writing their feedback others like rating. Surveys are a mix of both aspects and can help people give a clear review about your business. This helps the business get feedback that they can understand without the general phrases. Criticism both good and bad can help a business change. It also makes it easier for the customer to give feedback with fewer expectations. 

  33. Be specific 
  34. Sometimes people aren’t good at giving criticism; they may have a general impression about your business but they might not be able to give real feedback. You can solve this problem by specifying in your review what you want them to comment on whether it is the service or product this way you get the feedback on the things you’re interested in. If you want the reviews to be longer give them a guideline on what part of the business you want to know more about. 

  35.  Thank them 
  36. No matter what the review was someone took the time to write about the business giving you valuable feedback. Thank them for taking their time to review your business. It goes a long way to show that customers are appreciated. Customer service doesn’t end once they buy the product. This is also a part of it so make sure that you don’t forget it. Not only will it create a better connection with customers but also give you a reason to check up on reviews. 

  37. Don’t keep reviewers anonymous 
  38. When people can see the reviewers name and picture they are more likely to believe their review. It makes it more personal if potential customers can relate. This is the reason why reviews with stories are more well read. Customers could have similar situations so they can imagine it happening to them.  People know what to expect from reading the reviews and what’s more they’re entertained.

  39. Don’t stop with reviews 
  40. If you want to keep your customers loyal don’t stop after you get a positive review from them. Try to keep your business on their mind with continuous emails and posts. By strategically campaigning your business you won’t just get new customers but keep your old ones as well. In fact, it is actually easier to keep loyal customers than it is to gain new ones. So don’t forget this important aspect when running the business. 

Wrapping Up

Following the 20 steps we mentioned will really help improve your business’s reviews and bring in more customers. It’s also important to pay attention to negative comments because they can help you get better. Keep in mind, any feedback, whether good or bad, gives you special insights that can help your business grow. 

The idea that the customer is always right can help you make smart choices that boost your service and make customers happier. So, make sure to respond to your reviews. Let them help you make your business even better.

FAQs About Getting More Google Reviews

Make it easy for your customers by sending them a direct link to your Google Business Profile after their purchase or visit. A gentle reminder via email or a text message, thanking them for choosing your service and inviting them to share their experience, can significantly increase the likelihood of them leaving a review.
Absolutely! Every customer’s feedback is valuable. Asking every customer for a review not only increases the number of reviews you receive but also gives you a broader understanding of your business from the customer’s perspective. Consistently requesting reviews shows that you value all feedback and are committed to improving your service.
First, don’t panic. Respond to the review professionally and empathetically, acknowledging the customer’s concerns and offering to resolve the issue offline if necessary. Handling negative reviews gracefully can actually turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one and shows potential customers that you care about customer service.
Google reviews significantly influence your business’s online reputation and search engine ranking. Positive reviews can improve your visibility on Google, making your business more likely to be discovered by potential customers. Moreover, a good number of positive reviews builds trust with prospective customers, increasing the chances that they’ll choose your business over competitors.