10 Advantages of having many Google Reviews

Reviews on Google My Business listing provide valuable information about your business to both you and your customers. Below are 10 advantages for businesses of having many Google reviews:

Google is the number one search engine

Many online users have google as their main search engine. From google accounts to Gmail this search engine is easily incorporated into our everyday lives. So when people search up information on businesses it is more likely that they will be doing that through google. When that happens you want to make sure that the business has reviews that the customers can look into. 88% of people review a store before they enter a business. It builds trust when there is positive feedback from the interaction at the company and reviews are an important way to show off the good qualities of the business.

Free advertising

If a lot of good reviews are posted for your business the google search engine counts that as a good factor and when people search for items related to your company google automatically brings your webpage up. This means that your business has more visibility in a popular search engine and if the site is in the top three search results many people will check the site. This gives you more potential customers free of charge. Google reviews can be used as a way to market the business.

People trust Google rating

Since Google is very user-friendly everyone knows how easy it is to leave a review. Potential customers are more likely to believe the ratings in Google because they know that people will be truthful in their reviews. They can leave both positive and negative feedback and it can’t be easily removed. This freedom in information makes people more likely to believe if there are many good things said about the company. 72% of people believe that positive reviews make them more likely to visit the business. If a business has a high rating it’s good to show that in Google.

Smaller Businesses can compete

With a smaller business, it is often easier to have interactions with customers. On average smaller businesses can reply to more reviews than bigger enterprises this is what makes them competitive. The personal connection they try to create gives a better customer base. When the business replies to reviews about any concerns it shows that the company cares about the people. With google reviews, every potential customer will be aware of the way the company runs and this can help the business.

Winning Search Near me

While it is hard to know exactly how Google decides on the visibility of websites it is well known that good reviews play a part in the decision. Search results for places near me bring up businesses that are similar to what the user is looking for with the location, store hours and reviews. If a smaller store seems to have better ratings than a brand name company then a customer will have more reason to visit your business. Inversely if there aren’t any reviews for the place not many people will be willing to try the business. Take advantage of google programs and leave as much information as you can online.

Improving operations utilizing customers feedback

If a company knows what parts of the business they are doing well in and what parts they need to work on then the business can succeed because of it. Google reviews help businesses understand what they can do to ensure that they are always improving. With constant feedback, the company is aware of any issues in the business but if the company already goes above standards then more customers will know about the business because of the raving reviews. Reviews can give both the company and the customers an advantage in how they do business.

Fair Competition

Unlike some sites where people can buy ads to get more customers to their websites, google gives businesses a fair shot. This means no extra time or money needs to be spent. The quality of the business will be given through the google reviews. Not only are fake reviews easily found by search engines and taken down. Buying reviews go against the google terms and can affect the businesses google ranking. This helps dissuade a lot of unethical behavior by businesses.

Google reviews are easy to get

When people look through websites people sometimes see google reviews there to validate the quality of the business. The success stories of these customers help draw more people to your business. This is easy since a happy customer isn’t going to refuse to review the business. Especially if they have the time this is an easy way to get more good reviews for the business. Being proactive for reviews is a good marketing strategy as it gives a free way for the company to advertise their business. This helps places that can’t market their businesses by other means. Google reviews can give them the advantage to help compete with bigger companies.

Other businesses have reviews

If other businesses have Google reviews about their company then they have the advantage. Competition is a big part of businesses and if you can’t keep up with what other places are doing then you will end up losing customers. Having no reviews can sometimes be just as bad as having poor reviews. It might seem like the business isn’t good enough to be reviewed and without people vouching for your store customers aren’t going to give your place a chance. They will more likely choose a place that has a rating they can trust.

Better reviews mean better environment

If your business has consistently good reviews then people are more likely to believe they will have a better time spent at your business. This will lead to more in-store visits. When a rating is higher than 3.5 there is an increase in visits to your business website. Good reviews only help better your company so take advantage of the google reviews and start advising your customers to use them today. It is a free, time effective tool to help grow both your business and it’s revenue.