Why Your Google Business Photos Might Be Not Approved

When you’re investing effort into managing your Google Business Profile (GBP), having your photos disapproved can be both confusing and frustrating. Visual content plays a critical role in showcasing your business and attracting customers. 

Here’s an in-depth look at common reasons behind photo rejection on Google Business, and tips on how to ensure your images meet Google’s standards, drawn from insights at Local View.

Why Google Business Photos Don’t Get Approved

To elevate your Google Business Profile, adhering to Google’s photo requirements is crucial. Below, we match common issues with direct solutions to navigate the photo submission process successfully:

1. Low-Quality Photos

  • Ensure each photo is at least 720 pixels wide and 720 pixels high. Use a photo editor to check and adjust the resolution if necessary.
  • Photos should be clear, sharp, and not blurry or pixelated. High-quality images are more likely to attract potential customers and meet Google’s approval.

2. Content Not Appropriate for General Audience

  • Review your photos to make sure they are appropriate for a general audience. Avoid uploading anything that could be seen as offensive, such as explicit content or images that promote hate or violence.
  • Confirm that your photos are relevant and directly related to your business, showcasing your services, products, or customer experience.

3. Photos Used Without Permission

  • Only upload photos that you have taken yourself or have permission to use. If you’re using stock images, ensure they are royalty-free or that you’ve purchased the right to use them.
  • For images featuring branded materials, logos, or artwork, verify that you have the legal right to display them publicly.

4. Lack Of Authenticity

  • Avoid using filters or editing techniques that misrepresent the quality of your services or products.
  • Aim for authenticity to build trust with your audience. Photos should accurately reflect your business location, offerings, and the overall customer experience.

5. Privacy Concerns

  • Ensure no private information is visible in the photos, including personal details, license plates, or confidential documents.
  • For images featuring individuals, make sure you have their consent to use their likeness in your business’s online presence.

6. Technical Specification Non-Compliance

  • Before uploading, convert images to JPG or PNG format to ensure compatibility with Google’s guidelines.
  • Keep file sizes under 5MB to avoid upload issues.
  • Use a stable internet connection to upload photos, reducing the chance of interruptions or errors.
Following these steps meticulously will greatly improve the chances of your photos being approved by Google, thereby enhancing your Google Business Profile’s appeal to potential customers.

Additional Tips to Improve Photo Approval

Securing approval for your photos on Google Business Profile can significantly boost your online presence. While there are no guarantees, adhering to the following tips can improve the chances of your images meeting Google’s standards:

1. Highlight Authenticity:

  • Update your profile with images that reflect any changes or improvements in your business accurately.
  • Authentic representations build trust with your customers and align with Google’s emphasis on relevance.

2. Keep Your Profile Fresh:

  • Regular updates with new, relevant photos signal an active business profile to Google, potentially aiding your visibility.
  • Use seasonal changes or new product launches as opportunities to add new content.

3. Simplify Uploads with the Google My Business App:

  • Leverage the Google My Business app for easier, on-the-go uploads, ensuring your profile remains up-to-date with minimal hassle.

4. Opt for Diverse Angles and Perspectives:

  • Showcase your business from multiple angles and perspectives to offer a comprehensive visual experience. This diversity not only engages viewers but also gives Google a well-rounded representation of your business.

5. Opt for Diverse Angles and Perspectives:

  • Showcase your business from multiple angles and perspectives to offer a comprehensive visual experience. This diversity not only engages viewers but also gives Google a well-rounded representation of your business.

How to Fix Rejected Google Business Photos

How To Identify Unauthorized Changes to Your Google Business Profile

Getting your Google Business Photos approved means making sure they follow Google’s rules. Google has specific rules about what kind of pictures you can post. If your photo gets rejected, it could be because it’s not clear enough, shows something inappropriate, or uses someone else’s work without permission.

1. Check Google's Rules

Start by looking at why Google said “no” to your photo. Google will tell you what’s wrong with it, which could be anything from the picture being too blurry, showing things that don’t relate to your business, or having private details or logos you don’t have the right to show.

2. Fix Any Issues

If your photo breaks Google’s rules, you need to fix it. This might mean editing out parts that aren’t allowed, removing any brand logos that aren’t yours, or taking out anything that might offend people. Google wants pictures that honestly show what your business is like.

3. Wait a Bit, Then Try Again

After you’ve made the changes, wait a couple of days before you send your photo to Google again. This wait time helps Google notice the changes you’ve made, which might help your photo get approved this time.

4. Ask Google to Take Another Look

If your photo is still not approved, Google has a way for you to ask them to check it again. You’ll see a list of photos that weren’t approved, why they were rejected, and a link to learn more about the rule it broke.

By understanding and following these steps, you can improve your chances of getting your Google Business Photos approved. If you’re having trouble, Local View is here to help you make your Google Business Profile the best it can be.

Wrapping It Up

Remember, getting your Google Business Photos approved is all about clarity, relevance, and adherence to guidelines. With a little patience and attention to detail, you can showcase your business in the best light. Keep your visuals honest and inviting, and let the world see the true essence of your business. 

And if the path seems a bit tricky, Local View is just a click away to illuminate your way to a sparkling Google Business Profile. Let’s turn those rejections into shining approvals together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Photos not allowed on Google include those with explicit content, copyrighted material without permission, overly graphic or violent images, private or confidential information, and anything that doesn’t comply with Google’s content policies.

Google may reject your Business Profile for reasons like inaccurate or misleading information, non-compliance with Google’s quality standards, the use of a residential address for certain business types, or having multiple listings for the same business.

Your Google Business Profile video might be not approved if it violates Google’s content guidelines, such as containing copyrighted material without authorization, displaying explicit content, being irrelevant to the business, or failing to meet technical requirements (e.g., resolution, length).

You can use images classified as in the public domain, those released under Creative Commons licenses (respect the terms specified), or your original content. Always verify the terms associated with an image’s use to ensure compliance with copyright laws.

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