Google's Updated Reinstatement Process for Suspended Business Profiles

Google’s persistent efforts in optimizing their user experience has led to significant changes in Google Business Profiles. The newly implemented reinstatement process for suspended profiles aims to enhance user experiences and policy transparency. This article demystifies these changes, providing a comprehensive guide on how to effectively manage your business profile revivals with Local View.

Understanding the New Landscape: Navigating Google’s Updated Process

approach to suspensions has evolved significantly. It no longer just involves receiving an email, filling out a form, and waiting. Now, Google outlines specific guidelines that your business has violated, providing clarity which helps businesses identify and fix these issues promptly. Here’s what the new procedure looks like:

  1. Transparency on Violations: Google now provides specific guidelines that your business has violated, a major shift from its previous vague suspension notices. This clarity allows businesses to identify and fix issues.
  2. Introduction of the Appeal Tool: The appeal tool introduced by Google serves as a navigational guide through the reinstatement process. It offers a structured platform where businesses can submit their appeal requests along with proof of their authenticity. This tool is crucial, especially when dealing with suspensions due to various compliance issues.
  3. The 60-Minute Submission Window: After initiating the reinstatement process, businesses need to provide supporting evidence within an hour. To meet this requirement, businesses have to be prepared with all relevant documentation to ensure smooth submission within the stipulated timeframe.
  4. Automatic Review Start: The new process now triggers an automatic review as soon as the reinstatement process begins — a significant shift from the old system that allowed businesses time to gather and review documents before initiating reinstatement.
  5. One-Time Reinstatement: The new process allows only one opportunity for reinstatement, emphasizing the need for a meticulous and thoroughly curated application for successful reinstatement.

Despite the daunting prospect of a single reinstatement opportunity, Google’s new appeal tool is ready to support users through these changes. Aiming for transparency and efficiency, the new process speeds up resolution time for reinstatement issues.

Common Reasons for Google Business Profile Suspension

When managing a Google Business Profile (GBP), it’s crucial to adhere to Google’s guidelines to avoid suspension. Suspensions can happen for various reasons, and understanding these can help in preventing similar issues. Here’s a comprehensive list of common reasons why a Google Business non-profile might get suspended:

Duplicate Listings: Creating multiple profiles for the same business location can lead to a suspension as Google flags these as duplicates.

Inaccurate or Outdated Information: If the business details are incorrect or not updated regularly, it could lead to a suspension.

Keyword Stuffing in Descriptions or Titles: Overusing keywords in the business name or description to manipulate search results can result in a suspension.

Offensive Language in Content or Photos: Profiles containing language or imagery that could be considered offensive are at risk of suspension.

Suspicious Activity: Engaging in or being associated with activities that Google deems suspicious can trigger a suspension.

User Reports through ‘Suggest an Edit’ Feature: If a user, especially one trusted by Google, suggests edits that indicate the business is inappropriate or inaccurately represented, this can swiftly lead to a suspension.

Misuse of Address Information:

  • Using a P.O. Box or a UPS store address.
  • Listing a virtual office or co-working space as your business address if it doesn’t represent your actual business location.
  • Displaying a physical address for a Service Area Business (SAB) that should not have one.
  • Having an online-only business with a physical address listed.
  • Sharing the same address with another business, particularly in residential areas.

Frequent Changes to Your Profile: Making numerous edits to your profile in a short period can seem suspicious and lead to a suspension.

Improper Website URLs: Redirecting your GBP profile’s URL to another website or a social media page which can be seen as deceptive. 

Sas Industry-Based Risk Profiles: Certain industries are viewed as higher-risk due to frequent spam activity, such as lawyers, plumbers, HVAC services, locksmiths, and rehab centers. Businesses in these categories might face heightened scrutiny and potential suspensions.

Overlapping Service Areas: Having multiple Google Business Profiles with overlapping service areas can be problematic, especially if the listings appear to serve the same function.

Mismatching Details Across Platforms: If your business hours and address do not match those listed on your website or other business directories, it could lead to a suspension.

Listing Business Hours as 24/7: Unless your business genuinely operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, listing as such can be flagged as suspicious.

Connected Account Suspensions: If a manager of your GBP has their account suspended, your listing may also be suspended by association.

Multiple Listings for the Same Business: Creating more than one listing for the same business at the same address is against Google’s policies and can lead to suspension.

Violations of Other Google Services: If you are found to have violated the terms of another Google service or product, your GBP could also be suspended as a consequential action.

Steps to Reinstate Your Google Business Profile

Step 1: Identify the Violation

Check the email from Google regarding the suspension to find out the specific violation type. This gives you a clear idea of why your listing was suspended and what issues need to be resolved.

Step 2: Address the Issues

Before submitting an appeal, you need to correct the problems that led to the suspension. This might involve updating your business information, removing duplicate listings, correcting your business location, discontinuing prohibited practices, or providing additional documentation to verify your business.

Step 3: Submit an Appeal

Once the issues have been fixed, use the Appeals tool provided in the Google email to submit your request for reinstatement. Google offers a 60-minute window for submitting evidence, so ensure all necessary documents and photos are prepared in advance.

Additional Tips:

Do Not Create a New Listing:
Creating a new profile to avoid fixing the suspended one not only complicates the situation but also violates Google’s guidelines. Moreover, newly created profiles in response to suspensions are highly likely to get suspended immediately.

Documentation and Evidence: Prepare your business documents, such PropertyInfo as photos of your storefront, licenses, and anything else that proves your business’s authenticity and adherence to Google’s guidelines.

By carefully reviewing the reasons for suspension and methodically addressing each issue, you can effectively navigate the reinstatement process. Reinstating your Google Business Profile not only restores your visibility on Google Maps and search results but also helps maintain the credibility and reliability of your business online. Always strive to comply with Google Business Profile guidelines to prevent future suspensions.

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