Navigating the Reinstatement Process for Suspended Google Business Profiles

Google has made strides to bring more transparency and discipline into the reinstatement process for Google Business Profiles (GBP) facing suspension due to guideline violations. The updated process has already taken effect in the EU, with anticipation of a similar global rollout soon.

The revised process aims to avoid manipulation by businesses looking for a quick reinstatement without resolving the fundamental issues causing the suspension. It also seeks to create a fair and comprehensible appeals process for companies.

Under this new process, businesses get one opportunity to appeal their suspension through Google’s support channels. If rejected, a secondary appeal can be made through an external mediation service.

As part of this change, Google intends to offer more insight into the reasons behind the suspension. After carefully reviewing the provided reasons and resolving the issues, businesses can then apply for reinstatement through Google’s support channels.

The reinstatement review can take around 25-30 business days, during which Google might request additional details from the business. If the reinstatement request gets rejected, businesses have the option to appeal this through a third-party mediation service, who will make a recommendation to Google. Google will then deliver the final verdict on reinstatement.

Although Google introduced the new process quite recently, it’s worth noting that Google may introduce further changes based on its performance and feedback. Businesses are advised to keep a keen eye on Google’s support pages for the most recent updates.

In light of the new reinstatement process, businesses should keep in mind:

  1. Be ready with all essential documentation to support the appeal. This could include proof of address, business licenses, etc.
  2. Maintain patience throughout the review process, which can extend for several weeks.
  3. Do not attempt to create a new GBP listing while the original listing is under suspension, as this could further complicate the issue.

To avoid potential GBP suspensions, businesses should:

  1. Ensure the listing is accurate and regularly updated.
  2. Avoid using misleading or spammy content.
  3. Prevent the creation of duplicate listings for the same business.
  4. Refrain from soliciting reviews or asking for votes.
  5. Stay away from fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

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