How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile for Local SEO

An optimized Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business, is an invaluable tool for local businesses. It enables your business to appear in local search results, on Google Maps, and even in Google’s Knowledge Panel.

However, you must strategically optimize your GBP to reap these benefits. This optimization includes accurate information, consistent updates, and leveraging Google’s native features to engage with potential customers.

Optimizing Your GBP

Follow these steps to optimize your Google Business Profile for best results:

  1. Log in to your Google Business Profile account.
  2. Click on the name of your business.
  3. Update the ‘Info’ section with all relevant information about your business, including your address, contact details, opening hours, and business description.
  4. Add quality photos of your business to provide potential customers with visuals of your offerings. You can use Local View’s Photo Manager to help manage your photos.
  5. Select the appropriate business category and subcategories. This will help Google understand what your business is about, aiding you in ranking for the right local searches.
  6. Encourage your customers to review your business on Google, and be sure to respond to these reviews. Potential customers often look at these reviews before deciding to do business with a company.
  7. Consistently post updates, offers, or events in the ‘Posts’ section. This will not only engage potential customers but also signal to Google that your listing is active and relevant.
  8. Ensure your GBP information matches the information on your website and other local citations for consistency.

Why Optimize Your GBP?

Visibility: Optimizing GBP enhances your business visibility when prospective customers search for services or products that you offer in your locality.

Reputation Management: An optimized GBP features genuine customer reviews and your responses, building trust among potential customers.

Local SEO: GBP plays an integral role in your local SEO strategy, helping you rank higher in local search queries.

Maintaining Your GBP

Once you’ve optimally set up and verified your listing, it’s not a set-and-forget task. Regular reviews and updates are essential as old or incorrect information can mislead potential customers and negatively impact your business.

For businesses with several locations or those finding it challenging to manage their GBP, consider investing in a tool like Local View, which offers a suite of advanced features to automate and optimize your GBP.