ChatGPT for Google Business Profile Optimisation: Save Your Time

Wondering how AI could make your Google Business Profile better and save you a bunch of time?

Here’s an easy tip: Focus on making your profile better. ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for writing more effective content for your Google Business Profile (GBP) quickly and easily. 

By providing ChatGPT information about your business and specific guidelines, it can help you to save a lot of time on optimizing your Google Business Profile, and it can generate a well-written and optimized Business descriptions, Posts, FAQ, Review Responses, Services and Products Descriptions and more – all in a way that grabs attention. It’s a simple way to boost your profile without putting in a lot of extra work.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, or Chat General Purpose Text, is a digital tool used not just by businesses but by a wide range of users for creating human-like conversations. It delivers precise responses to inquiries,and tailors recommendations efficiently. By facilitating the handling of numerous interactions around the clock, ChatGPT enhances productivity and minimizes expenses across various sectors by automating communication and support tasks.

Google Business Profile Optimisation with ChatGPT: Step-By-Step Guide

To generate the most accurate and relevant content tailored to your business, it’s suggested to provide comprehensive details about your business to chat GPT in the first message of the conversation and to add call to action, the same way you would talk to the real person.

Here’s what you should include in your first message to ChatGPT:

  • Business Name: Specify your business’s full name exactly as you wish it to appear on your Google Business Profile.
  • Business Description: Offer a concise overview of your business, highlighting the products or services you provide, what sets you apart (your unique value proposition), and any other key details potential customers should know about.
  • Location: Provide the full address of your business, including street, city, state, and zip code.
  • Business Category: If you’re clear on the category or categories that best define your business, include this information as well.

Here’s an example of how to frame your request to ChatGPT:

So, a general prompt is as follows:

“I will need your help to optimize a Google Business Profile. Here is the main business information: Business Name:  [Your Business Name], and we specialize in [Briefly describe your products or services]. Our Location is: [Your Address or service area]. In the next messages I will ask you what to generate, just remember this information about my business for the next chats. ”

Here’s what else ChatGPT can further help with:

Identify Top Keywords

Direct ChatGPT to pinpoint essential keywords and phrases closely tied to your offerings to boost your online visibility. These keywords should be woven thoughtfully into your Google Business Profile’s description, your posts, and even your customer reviews. This strategic approach not only enhances your searchability but also ensures that your business connects with the right audience, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Prompt example: 

Please suggest relevant keywords and phrases (based on the services we provide) to include in our Google Business Profile description, posts, and reviews to improve visibility in search results.

Choose the Right Categories:

Engage ChatGPT to determine the most appropriate Google My Business (GMB) categories that align with your services. Accurate category selection is critical for ensuring your business appears in relevant searches, directly affecting your online visibility and customer visits.

Prompt example: 

“What are the top GMB Categories for [Your Business Name] based on the services we provide?”

Make up a Business Description:

Ask ChatGPT to create a compelling and concise business description. This should encapsulate your business’s name, the services you offer, what sets you apart, your target market, and how you align with their values — all within a 750-character limit. A well-crafted description serves as a first impression and can significantly influence potential customers’ perceptions and interest in your business.

Here’s a recommended way to organize your request to ChatGPT:

Prompt example:

“Please generate a concise and engaging description for my business. The business is [Your Business Name], and we specialize in [Briefly describe your products or services]. We take pride in [Highlight what makes your business unique or special]. Our target audience is [Describe your target audience, such as demographics or interests].”

Generate FAQs:

Request ChatGPT to draft a list of 10 frequently asked questions that address common inquiries from customers. Providing clear, informative, and brand-consistent answers helps establish trust and credibility with your audience, efficiently addressing their needs and concerns.

Here’s a suggested approach for structuring your request to ChatGPT:

Prompt example: 

“Could you please generate a list of 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) for my business? We are [Your Business Name], and we offer [Briefly describe your products or services]. Our customers often inquire about topics such as [Provide examples of common queries]. Please create informative and helpful responses to these questions that align with our brand voice and values.”

Describe Services and Products:

Instruct ChatGPT to generate attractive and accurate descriptions for each of your services or products. The objective is to present your offerings in a manner that is both engaging and easy to digest, compelling potential customers to explore further and ultimately convert.

Prompt example: 

“Please generate short descriptions for our services: [List Your Services or Products] for our Google Business Profile. Please keep descriptions concise, informative, and engaging to attract potential customers.”

Manage Reviews:

Employ ChatGPT to craft respectful and grateful responses to customer reviews. Acknowledging reviews with professionalism and courtesy not only enhances your reputation but also fosters a positive relationship with your clientele, signaling that their feedback is valued.

Prompt example:

“Please generate a polite and grateful response to review [Your review].”

Create Content for Posts:

Utilize ChatGPT for the creation of vibrant and pertinent content for your Google Business Profile posts. Regularly updating your profile with fresh content keeps your audience engaged, informed, and connected to your business, driving both reach and engagement.

ChatGPT Prompt to Use for Google Posts

Here’s a template on how to structure your request for ChatGPT:

Prompt example:

“Generate 10 of engaging Google Business Profile posts for a [Your Business Category] with the following details:

– Business Name: 

– Location: 

– Website URL:

– Keywords: 

– Call to Action: Directing to schedule an appointment or visit the website (update if needed)

Each post should:

– Begin with a catchy slogan related to dental health or smiles.

– Contain an engaging caption that highlights the value and convenience of the service offered.

– Include a specific call to action with an invitation to visit the website or book an appointment.

– Keep within 400 characters to ensure brevity and clarity.”

For sure you can also improve those prompts in terms of tone of voice, writing styles, adding specific information about your business and more. But even with those simple prompts you can get help for chat gpt to generate content faster. With ChatGPT, optimizing your Google Business Profile is easier than ever. So why wait? Start optimizing your Google Business Profile today.

Remember to Review & Edit

Before you post, read your content again and make the following changes:

  • Make it easier to read and show off your brand’s style.
  • Keep it on track and relevant.
  • Double-check facts – ChatGPT might not always get things right.
  • Make readers feel they need to act fast.
  • Add a strong call to action if it’s missing.
  • Think about using emojis. Our findings show posts with emojis get way more attention and responses. Putting emojis in the title catches eyes but still keeps your message clear.

Google Posts Do's and Don'ts

Creating posts for your Google Business Profile should be balanced: they need to be both helpful and interesting. Here’s a brief guide on making posts that grab attention and make an impact:


  • Stay on Topic: Make sure what you post is about your business and useful to your audience.
  • Keep it Simple: Write your message clearly and easily to understand.
  • Pick Great Pictures: Good images grab attention. Use clear, attractive photos.
  • Call to Action: Tell readers exactly what you want them to do, like book an appointment, visit your site, or give you a call.
  • Use Emojis With Care: A few emojis can make your post pop, but don’t go overboard.


  • Don’t Write a Wall of Text: People won’t read big blocks of text. Keep it short.
  • Don’t Skip Checking: Spelling or grammar mistakes look bad. Double-check your post.
  • Don’t Stop Updating: Keep adding new content to keep people interested and up-to-date.
  • Don’t Ignore Replies: If someone leaves a comment or question, answer them. It shows you’re paying attention.
  • Don’t Use Random Hashtags or Links: Only use hashtags and links that are relevant to your post.

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