Strategies to Optimize Your Google Business Name for Improved Ranking

Your business name plays a surprisingly vital role in your local SEO strategy. According to a 2023 ranking study, your business name is the #2 Google My Business ranking factor.

Optimizing Your Google Business Name as a New Business

As a newly established business, incorporating key terms into your business name can considerably boost your visibility on Google. This strategy, however, doesn’t mean stuffing keywords, rather it’s about purposeful optimization.

For instance, a restaurant opening in New York could opt for a name that includes the cuisine and location, like “Joe’s Italian Bistro, New York,” instead of simply, “Joe’s Bistro.”

However, remember to include a unique identifier to set your brand apart and ensure Google doesn’t display competitors when prospects search for your brand.

Optimizing Your Google Business Name as an Existing Business

If you’re already an established business, you won’t want to overhaul your brand identity simply to gain better Google rankings. A solution? Consider filing a “Doing Business As” (DBA) or trade name with your local government. A DBA allows you to operate your business under a secondary, legal name without having to change your official business name.

However, it’s essential to note – any alternative names associated with your business must maintain consistency across all platforms online. Google recognizes DBAs as legitimate provided they’re used consistently and are truly associated with your business.

The Role of Your Google Business Name in Ranking

While focusing on keyword-rich Google Business Profile descriptions and acquiring high-quality backlinks remains significant, don’t underestimate the power of an optimized business name. It’s a legitimate ranking factor that, when handled wisely, can be the extra push your local business needs to stand out in crowded search results.

Do you have any additional tactics to optimize the business name for local SEO? Feel free to share your thoughts.