Local Services Ads Partner Updates [September 2022]

Welcome to the September edition of Google’s Local Services Ads Partner Updates. Here’s what you need to know:

New: Job Type Filter

Google is introducing Job Type Filters for Local Services Ads (LSA). These filters will be displayed below the “Google Guaranteed” badge line, helping users refine their search based on specific job types. When a user clicks on a job type filter, they will be directed to an immersive experience preloaded with their selected filter. Here are the key details:

  • This feature is available exclusively on mobile devices and is not applicable to desktop.
  • Job Type Filters are accessible across all verticals and job types.

This enhancement aims to assist users in better understanding the range of job types offered by businesses, enabling them to narrow their search and connect with the right service providers for their specific needs.

New: Manager Account Alerts

Google is introducing Manager Account Alerts, which will enable manager-level accounts to receive Billing, Payment, and Local Services alerts at the Customer ID (CID) level within the Local Services Manager Dashboard. These alerts inform managers of accounts that require attention, such as “Account Budget Low” or “Account Budget Exhausted.” Each alert includes a “Fix It” button that directs managers to the appropriate action, such as adjusting billing profiles or addressing onboarding issues. Key alert types include:

Over time, Google will be improving this tab.

  • Sorting and exporting functions are not available in this initial release.
  • Manager alerts are accessible only when logged in at the manager level.
  • Users can filter out accounts in the onboarding phase by deselecting the “Finish Requirement” filter.
  • These alerts are not exposed via the API.
  • There are no alerts for “expiring documents.”

Google plans to make ongoing improvements to this feature, enhancing its functionality over time. Manager Account Alerts will be accessible in the LSA Dashboard by the end of September 2022.

Reminder: General Law Leads Opt-In Dispute Policy

Google is reminding providers about the opt-in feature for receiving upper-funnel law leads and the associated dispute policy. Here are the key points:

  • Providers who opt in to the general law vertical or are already opted in cannot dispute law-related leads based on “Service Not Offered” as per the lead dispute policy. This policy applies to all monetized law leads.
  • Opting into the general law vertical signifies a business’s interest in receiving general law-related leads, eliminating the option to dispute law-related leads based on specific law service or job type.
  • Providers can still dispute monetized leads that are unrelated to law.

A common question: “Why can’t I dispute this lead if it’s not something my firm does?” 

If you choose to receive leads related to general law within your target areas, Google will assume your interest in general law-related leads, and you waive the ability to dispute leads based on specific law services or job types. If you wish to exclude these broader law-related leads, simply deselect “Show on general lawyer queries” on the Profile page.

Have Questions?

If you have any inquiries or need further assistance, please consult the Local Services Ads on Google Help Page, or get in touch with our Local View team for comprehensive guidance.