Local Services Ads: Partner Updates [October 2021]

Welcome to the latest edition of Google’s Local Services Ads Partner Updates for October 2021. Here’s what you need to know:hat you need to know:

General Updates

1. Reminder: Local Services Ads Triggering Limits

We’d like to remind you that the following verticals have been successfully launched on Local Services Ads in the US. Providers who have completed onboarding as either a pre-badge ad or a fully live account (
Google-badged) will not trigger on Local Services Ads until there are at least three live providers on desktop or two on mobile for any given vertical and region combo.

2. Unification Roll Out | Alert that Local Services Ads Metrics Listed In AdWords Not Yet Accurate

We are actively working on unifying the data between Local Services Ads Campaigns and the metrics listed for those campaigns in Google AdWords. However, at this time, please be aware that the data shown in Google AdWords is not reliable or accurate. The Local Services Ads portal and reports will serve as the source of truth for Local Services Ads data. We will keep you informed of the progress towards unification between the data and when Google AdWords will correctly display Local Services Ads metrics.

Verifications & Onboarding Updates

1. Advanced Verification Delay Through November

The Advanced Verification team has identified and resolved an issue affecting Advanced Verification applications for Locksmith and Garage Door verticals. As a result, some provider verification delays are expected in these verticals through November. This delay extends the asset submission collection time to about three weeks (compared to the usual one-week processing time without delays). We anticipate returning to normal processing times by December 2021.

2. Acord Insurance Logo – Policy Update

Our Verifications team has previously rejected ACORD Insurance documents with logos other than the
original. However, we have since received confirmation that there are other ACORD logos that will pass the insurance check.

3. Troubleshoot Path for 2-Step Verification Login Issue

We’ve received reports from providers who attempted to log in to their Local Services Ads account but did not see their LSA account as an option to select or log in to (this can occur on both mobile and desktop login). This issue arises due to 2-step authorization being set up for their ad campaigns but not configured with the email they use to log in to their LSA accounts. Here are two workarounds you can share with providers facing this problem:


4. Business Owners Removing Unwanted Primary Business Owners Email Address in Evident’s Portal

A reminder that Business Owners (BOs) can remove their unwanted primary BO email address in the Evident portal, but only
during roster creation. Once the roster has been submitted, the primary BO email address cannot be edited.

With Evident’s user enhancements launched in July, primary BOs can add and remove email addresses for BOs or Fieldworkers (FWs) on their own during roster creation. Please note that if there is only one BO email address in the roster portal, it cannot be removed until a second email address is entered. To remove a standalone email address during roster creation, providers need to add the desired email address first and then remove the unwanted one. The system will not allow removal of the email if it’s the only one listed on the account to ensure there’s always at least one email address available. If a provider wishes to change the primary BO email address after submitting the roster, they will need to reset their background check entirely.

Have Questions?

If you have any inquiries or need further assistance, please consult the Local Services Ads on Google Help Page, or get in touch with our Local View team for comprehensive guidance.