Local Services Ads: Partner Updates [January 2022]

Welcome to the January edition of Google’s Local Services Ads Partner Updates. Here’s what you need to know:

General Updates

1. Troubleshooting Lead Disputes – Live in Help Center!

Providers often have questions about lead disputes, including how to submit one, what qualifies for a credit, or why their dispute was denied. Google has introduced a
troubleshooter in the Help Center to assist providers in determining their eligibility for a lead credit. Please remember that dispute decisions are final, and we do not offer denied dispute escalations.

2. Automated CaseID Now Provided Post Support From Submissions

When you submit a support request using Google’s
Local Services Ads Managed Partners form, you will now receive an automated email with your unique case ID in the email subject line. Please retain these emails as reference points when interacting with our support teams.

3. Local Services Ads Conversion, Impression & Spend Data Available In Adwords

As of December 10th, 2021, Google Adwords now accurately displays unified metrics for Local Services Ads campaign data. This includes spend data (excluding disputes). Leads in Google Adwords are reported based on the lead creation date, while in the Local Services Ads Dashboard, leads are based on the monetization date, which may rarely differ. Going forward, MCC managers can use Google Adwords and Google Adwords API to access
Local Services Ads data for their customers.

Verifications & Onboarding Updates

1. Reminder: Verify Primary Business Owner Email Address Prior To Submitting Background Check Rosters

It’s crucial to
verify the accuracy of the primary business owner’s email address before submitting background check rosters. Once the rosters are submitted and the background check process begins, changes to the primary business owner’s email address cannot be made. We’ve noticed significant delays in background checks for providers who require assistance in editing the primary email address, as this necessitates a complete restart of the background check process.

2. Court Delays Coming Up / Expected Due To COVID Surge

With the new surge in COVID cases, courts may face delays or closures. Evident will likely experience similar court closures, so please
stay updated.

3. Local Services Ads Insurance Documents: Now Accepting Most Non Admitted/Surplus Lines Insurers

Historically, Local Services Ads rejected Non Admitted/Surplus Lines Insurers due to their lack of state backing in case of insolvency. However, our policy has been updated to now accept most Non Admitted/Surplus Lines Insurers that meet Local Services Ads eligibility requirements.

Have Questions?

If you have any inquiries or need further assistance, please consult the Local Services Ads on Google Help Page, or get in touch with our Local View team for comprehensive guidance.