Local Services Ads: Partner Updates [Jan/Feb 2024]

Welcome to Google’s Local Services Ads Partner Updates for March. Here’s what you need to know:

As we transition into the bustling months of January and February 2024, exciting updates and enhancements from Google Local Services Ads (LSA) are on the horizon to augment your and your clients’ reach to potential customers. Let’s dive into the latest developments designed to refine your advertising strategy and amplify your presence on the digital frontier.

Introducing Direct Business Search for LSA

A groundbreaking upgrade is upon us – the launch of direct business search within LSA. This feature is engineered to position your brand or business at the forefront when customers search directly for your offerings on Google. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Seamless Integration: This feature is now activated across all LSA accounts, enabling immediate visibility and lead receipt.
  • Enhanced Visibility: When customers search for your brand or business directly, your LSA ad is poised to appear, increasing your chances of capturing qualified leads.
  • Smart Lead Filtering: Google has implemented a screening process for calls connected via this ad. Prospective leads are asked if they’re returning customers – a step that ensures you’re only charged for new customer engagements.
  • User Autonomy: Should you prefer to opt out of this lead type, you have full control to deactivate the feature in your Profile and Budget settings.

For a deeper dive into this update, refer to the Help Center article or get in touch with your LSA representative for personalized guidance.

Photos Elevate LSA Ads in Search Results

It’s time to visually enhance your LSA ads by uploading a minimum of four high-quality photos to each of your accounts.

  • Visual Appeal: Including vibrant, high-quality photos in your ads not only distinguishes your business but also offers potential clients a glimpse into what you offer, significantly boosting your lead generation efforts.
  • Optimization Strategy: We strongly recommend uploading between four to six in-focus, professional-grade photos. Remember, even if you have images on your Google Business Profile, you’ll need to add them to your Local Services Ads profile for optimal impact. Learn more about maximizing your ad’s appeal through images.

Be mindful that professional services will continue to highlight headshots, while other industries will showcase a snapshot of your business in action.

Policy Management and Photo Enforcement

  • Policy Oversight: The LSA Dashboard now includes a Policy Manager page, which will flag any business photos that don’t comply with set standards.
  • Ad Continuity: Non-compliant photos won’t obstruct your ad from being displayed. Instead, such images simply won’t appear on your ad, allowing you the opportunity to either remove them or appeal the decision.

Your Ads on Mobile Google Maps (CA-Exclusive)

A thrilling addition for members in California – your ads are now eligible to show on mobile Google Maps, a significant leap towards capturing more leads through one of the most widely used navigation platforms.

  • Unchanged Billing: Despite this expansive new visibility, the cost structure for these ads remains consistent, ensuring a seamless transition to this feature.
  • Eligibility and Access: This initiative is launching exclusively in California, for English search queries on mobile devices, currently available on iOS.

Elevate Your Profile with Optimization Tips

To further assist in maximizing your lead potential, we’ve introduced a new carousel at the top of the Profile & Budget page, highlighting recommended optimizations to improve your ad’s performance and visibility.

  • Actionable Insights: These recommendations, initially focusing on Service Area suggestions, aim to align your offerings with areas demonstrating significant search volume.

Have Questions?

As we embrace 2024, these updates from Google Local Services Ads are designed to bolster your visibility, streamline lead acquisition, and optimize your advertising endeavors. Stay ahead by leveraging these features and always feel encouraged to seek further advice from your LSA rep or delve into the Help Center for more information.

If you have any inquiries or need further assistance, please consult the Local Services Ads on Google Help Page, or get in touch with our Local View team for comprehensive guidance.