Local Services Ads: Partner Updates [October 2023]

We’re back again with some game-changing updates from Google Local Services Ads, curated specially to help enhance your business’s online presence and customer interaction.

From improved ad rankings to more flexible communication options, these updates are designed to bring your business closer to your customers. So without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Boost Your Ad Performance with Simplicity

Looking to increase the potential of receiving leads? Google Local Services Ads is focusing more on customer interaction channels and how to enhance them. The platform has updated its ad ranking article in its Help Center, presenting you with fresh insights on how to improve your ad performance.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Google suggests turning on the Messaging and Booking functions from your Profile & Budget tab for a better lead capturing strategy. This can be particularly beneficial during nights and weekends or when customers want to reach out but can’t expect to hear back immediately.

Respond to Customer Leads Via SMS

Gone are the days of toggling between different screens to respond to customer messages. Google Local Services has introduced a new SMS feature that lets businesses send, receive and respond directly via text or email when customers submit message leads. User convenience at its finest.

Now you can curate your messaging preferences, choosing either email or text message, or both. Respond directly to the SMS, call the number from which you received the SMS, or click a link to respond to the customer from the convenience of your dashboard. The best part about this new feature? You can use the same number for both, or even support having two different preferred phone numbers for phone and message leads.

Partners Can Opt-in On Multiple Accounts

Making it easier than ever, partners can activate the SMS lead feature directly from their dashboard, or on multiple accounts by sending a list of CIDs and corresponding phone numbers to their Local Services Ads Account Manager.

Wrapping It Up

In a world where communication is key, these new enhancements are designed to make connections easier and more responsive between businesses and customers. With updates to ad ranking and the introduction of SMS communications, Google Local Services Ads continue to simplify digital advertising while helping businesses reach their true potential.

Here at LocalView, we’re excited by the possibilities these updates present and can’t wait to see how your business uses them to their advantage. As always, we’re here to provide the latest updates and insights to optimize your online journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and until then, happy lead generating!