Local Services Ads: Partner Updates [EOY 2023]

As the old year rolls into the new one, we recognize the collaborative force that is our incredible readers. Google Local Services Ads has demonstrated marked growth, thanks to the invaluable feedback and input from these partners.

As we step into this promising New Year, we bring to you some insightful developments from the Google Local Services Ads team. Let’s dive in!

Actionable Intelligence: New Metrics in LSA UI

In an effort to provide richer insights into your ad performance, Google has added two new metrics to the ‘Reports’ page of your LSA web UI:

  • Total Ad Impressions: This denotes the number of times your ad featured on the search results page during a certain period.
  • Absolute Top Impression Rate: This percentage indicates how often your ad appeared as the utmost ad on the results page.

Ensuring Your Budget Stays in Sync with Holiday Peaks

We’re knee-deep in winters and the holiday season. It’s a phase that commands varying responses from different businesses. With this in mind, we advise you to revisit your budgets to capture the right quantum of new leads.

Here’s a window into how certain events and industries react to seasonal trends:

  • Surge In Demand During Winter Weather Events: Google’s data has often shown remarkable spikes in impressions during weather-related events like blizzards and floods. This could be the time to expand your budget and make the most of the increased audience interaction. Conversely, if capacity is an issue, you may want to monitor your budget to avoid getting swamped with more leads than you can manage.
  • Lawn Care Providers and Snow Removal Services: If you’re in these lines of business, expect to see a heightened demand around this time of year.
  • Financial Planning and Tax Services: As individuals start planning their finances to close the year and prepare for tax season in April, firms offering these services should anticipate increased searches and queries.
  • Personal Trainers and Wellness: Post-holiday season is a time for resolutions to kick in, especially those related to health and wellbeing. Expect an influx of leads searching for personal training and wellness services around New Year’s.

If you have queries about these sectors or want to understand these dynamics better, feel free to reach out to your local service representative. You can also call Local Services at 1-833-272-1444.

Amplifying Customer Engagement with Image-driven Home Services Ads

Google heralds a new way to captivate customers by adding an image and direct engagement options to the Home Services ads. The options to call, book, or send a message right away promise a highly interactive and user-friendly experience. This update is in an experimental phase, and not all service providers will see it immediately.

Wrapping It Up

As 2023 draws to an end, Google Local Services Ads continues to evolve and refine its features, primed to start 2024 on a high note. At LocalView, we’re at your service, parsing through the latest developments in the digital advertising arena. As always, we’re here to provide the
latest updates and insights to optimize your online journey.

Stay tuned for more updates, and meanwhile, enjoy generating leads!

Best wishes for the New Year!