How to Find the Service Area of a Business?

Are you curious to find out which service areas are linked to your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing? This guide aims to shed light on how you can access and understand the services associated with your GBP profile. And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us!

Identifying Your GBP Service Area

To use a service area, your business must be one of the following business types:
  • Service-area business: A business that delivers or visits their customers directly, but doesn’t serve customers at their main business address.

    • For example, businesses like plumbers or waterproofers. 
    • Service-area businesses can only create one profile for the metropolitan area that they serve.

  • Hybrid business: A business that serves customers at their business address, but also directly visits or delivers to customers. If your business doesn’t have permanent on-site signage, it’s not eligible as a storefront and should be listed as a service-area business.

    • For example, a dine-in restaurant that also delivers food. 
    • Hybrid businesses can show their storefront address, set their hours for when they’re staffed at that address, and designate a service area.
To add, remove, or edit your GBP service areas
  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. To manage your service area:
    • With Google Search, select Edit profile Location.
    • With Google Maps, select Edit profile Business information Location.
  3. Under “Location and areas,” next to “Service area,” select the pencil icon .
  4. Select suggested service areas or enter a service area.
    • You can set up to 20 service areas based on the cities, postal codes, or other areas you serve.
  5. Select Save.

Why Is It Important to Mention Service Area On Your GBP Profile?

Understanding the geographical scope in which your business operates is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Market Opportunity Assessment: Scrutinizing both your and your competitors’ service areas could unveil underexploited markets ripe for expansion. LocalView’s Google Local Services Ads can further boost your visibility in these newfound areas.
  2. Strategic Competitive Analysis: A detailed comparison of service areas provides insights into competitors’ strategies, enabling you to adapt or innovate upon them.
  3. Market Saturation Insights: Awareness of market saturation aids in focusing efforts on untapped or less competitive regions, facilitating smarter business moves.
  4. Enhanced Customer Segmentation: Service area data assists in identifying specific trends and demographics, refining your marketing efforts based on those insights.
  5. Benchmark Setting: Understanding competitors’ scope allows for realistic benchmarking, aiming for their level of success or beyond in similar locales.
  6. Informed Pricing Tactics: Knowledge of competitors’ pricing within your service area is essential for competitive positioning. Explore how LocalView’s Advisor can assist in refining your strategy.
  7. Collaborative Ventures: Sometimes, knowing where your competition lies opens doors to collaboration, especially with businesses operating in complementary service areas.

Invaluable Insights from Clearly Defined Service Areas

A well-defined service area not only attracts potential customers but also significantly enhances your local SEO efforts. Here’s how:

  • Targeted Advertising: Accurately mapped service areas enable more precise targeting in ads, maximizing ad spend efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Clear service boundaries make it easier for customers to ascertain your availability in their locale, distinguishing you from competitors.
  • Dynamic Area Updates: Regularly updating your service area on platforms like Google Maps keeps potential customers informed, mitigating confusion and optimizing your online presence.

Maximizing Revenue Through Detailed Service Listings

Attracting a larger customer base through your detailed services list naturally translates to increased business revenue. Moreover, by showcasing a wider range of services, you encourage customers to explore additional offerings, potentially raising the average transaction value.

Crafting a Stand-Out Services List: Tips and Strategies

  • Specificity is Key: Clearly describe each service, steering clear of technical jargon.
  • Utilize Keywords: Embed relevant keywords in your service descriptions to enhance search visibility.
  • Price Transparency: Include service pricing to help customers make informed decisions.
  • Leverage Quality Imagery: High-quality images make your GBP profile more appealing.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your services list current with any new or discontinued offerings.

In Conclusion

A services list is a vital component of your GBP profile that boosts customer attraction and engagement. Equip yourself with the insights provided in this guide, alongside tips for crafting a standout services list. Start leveraging your GBP to its full potential today!

Remember, GBP is just one facet of your online presence. Explore LocalView’s suite of offerings to enhance your online visibility further, including Google Local Services Ads, Local View Advisor, and Google Guaranteed among others. With a comprehensive approach, you can maximize your online potential and drive business growth.

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